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Featured exhibitions


Vilhelm Hammershøi, Hvide døre, Strandgade 30, 1899.

Golden Age and Green Forests.
Ordrupgaard 100 Years

Sorø Artmuseum hosts an exhibition with selected highlights from the outstanding Danish collection of Ordrupgaard Museum. While Ordrupgaard is closed due to construction work, the museum celebrates it’s 100th  anniversary.by sending it’s collections on a tour.

The exhibition takes off from the Danish Golden Age with masterpieces of Danish old masters such as Eckersberg, Købke, Lundbye and Constantin Hansen, collected by Ordrupgaard’s founder Wilhelm Hansen. However, the core of the exhibition focuses on Hansen’s contemporaries: the Funen painters, and distinguished names like Theodor Philipsen, L. A. Ring, Th. Bindesbøll and not least Vilhelm Hammershøi, who is represented by nine paintings, including the newly acquired White Doors. Strandgade 30.

The exhibition also present some of the first works, Hansen collected by French artists, i.e. Fontainebleau painter Théodore Rousseau, Impressionists Armand Guillaumin and Emile Pissarro.



OlafurEliasson_PetrusGarden series, 1994

Olafur Eliasson: Petrus' Garden Series, 1994


Contemporary Landscapes

The exhibition Contemporary Landscapes presents art works from the collection relating to landscape as a theme. During the past centuries artists have celebrated and romanticized the national landscape; plunged into the landscape with easel and brush to capture what they saw; or transformed it into pure shape and colour with aesthetic or expressive force.

Contemporary art since the 1960s has seen landscape painting as an old-fashioned genre. Nevertheless, landscape is still used as a motive - it is documented, measured, criticized or distorted.
The works in this exhibition range from the 1960s Land Art, over the 1980's ironic neoexpressionist landscape painting to conceptual photography of the 1990s, and updated landscape painting in quotation marks.




Previous exhibitions in 2018


Holst Henckel

Peter Holst Henckel, Explaining Fragility to a Child, 2008



Current exhibition

Recent acquisitions in interaction with older works of the museum´s collection of works from 1950's and forward. See for instance for the first time our new works of Gunnar Aagard Andersen, Christian Vind, Sophia Kalkau and Maiken Bent with the older acquaintances of Paul Gernes, Albert Mertz, Per Kirkeby and Poul Gadegaard.



Søren Martinsen

Søren Martinsen, Skolevejen, 2010


2nd June - 2nd Sep. 2018

A total installation which incorporates both video, monumental painting and sculpture. Establishing a contrast between different ages, places and sentiments, these works of art all have a connection to the town of Sorø.



Thomas Hylander

Thomas Hylander, Seamstress, 2016. Shelfie

HISTORIER FRA KØKKENMØDDINGEN / Stories from the Kitchen Midden


2nd June - 2nd Sep. 2018

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11 - 16
11 - 18

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