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Featured exhibitions

Featured exhibitions

The Language Hospital

The Language Hospital


The Language Hospital is an exhibition by the Danish poet Morten Søndergaard discusses the relation between poetry, art and illness.

Does language have the same effect on us as medicine? What happens if a patient’s metaphors for pain are not understood by the doctor? Does language have a body that can be dissected? How do you express a breakdown of the language? What does it look like when words are born in the world through the mouth? Should old idle sayings be left to die? Questions like this are the starting point for the exhibition The Language Hospital.

The Language Hospital originates from poet Morten Søndergaard’s  Word Pharmacy constructed like pill boxes that describes language as a medicine with effects and side effects. Instead of medical names, the pill boxes presents the word classes – gramma and the language of medicine meet. This meeting is expanded full scale at The Language Hospital. Like a body, language can break down: A body may lose a leg. A body may lose its language: The body is a web of interconnected organs and functions that work together to keep us alive. Language is also a connection of many parts – metaphors, sayings and sounds – which makes it possible for us to understand each other.

Illness is a reality to many people, but it is also a powerful metaphor which has permeated art and culture at all times. The way we talk about illness and the diagnoses we attach to each other affect our experience of the disease

The Language Hospital is a place where connections between language and illness materializes in works of art – both new productions, loans from museums and collectors and from the museum’s own collection. The exhibition is designed as an unconventional hospital with i.e. a waiting room where the visitors and the languages linger; a delivery room where words are born; an Intensive care unit where language is insufficient – and at the metaphor cemetery outside are the worn out proverbs rest. The Language Hospital will treat both language and its users, because when our language is ill, we humans experience the symptoms.


Contributing artists

Morten Søndergaard, Mona Hatoum, Nicolai Abildgaard, Francesca Woodman, Emil Westman Hertz, Gudrun Hasle, Darren Almond, Stense Andrea Lind-Valdan, Katrine Skovsgaard, Olafur Eliasson, Maiken Bent, Anita Jørgensen, Christian Lemmerz, Rikke Benborg, J. F. Willumsen, Anders Bonnesen, Morten Schelde, Johan and Urte Oettinger, Mikael Thejll, Jonas R. Kirkegaard and The Overheard, Asger Jorn, Christian Dotremont, Noël Arnaud, Astrid Gjesing.

The Language Hospital is developed by Morten Søndergaard and Sorø Kunstmuseum  in close dialogue with scenographer of the exhibition Annesofie Becker.


The exhibition is accompanied by two publications

Journal 2019, which is a collection of poems by Morten Søndergaard i.a. about the abandoned mental hospital in Volterra, Italy, where a patient has engraved a 70 m long text. Journal 2019 is written in Danish.

Vandrejournalen (pregnancy journal) is a collection of texts and other contributions by art historians, doctors, artists, poets and patients addressing the interfaces between language, art and illness. Vandrejournalen is written in Danish.






Elina Brothers, Playful Wanderer, 2004

Elin Brotherus: Playful Wanderer 2, 2004


June 15 - Sept 1st 2019

Elina Brotherus (b. 1972) ranks among Finland’s leading artists and since the end of the 1990s she has been working with photography and video. Her works have alternately had an autobiographical and an art historical starting point – in both cases using herself as a model.

The exhibition Elina Brotherus – Playful Wanderer combines older and new series of work each taking a different art historical period as its point of departure:

The series The New Painting (2000-04) consists of sweepingly beautiful photographs with a condensed and slightly melancholic expression. Here, she draws inspiration from the century-long tradition of painting and interprets in the photographic media a number of classical, painterly motifs such as "Woman in the Bath", "Reading Woman" and "Figure and Landscape".

In the new series of video works (2016-18) she re-enacts a series of instructions or directions for performative works made by other artists – typically fluxus works from the 1960s-70s.

Although both photographs and videos are based on different traditions of art, they do not require in-depth knowledge of art history, but work on their own aesthetic terms.

Elina Brotherus lives and works in Finland and France. She started exhibiting internationally in 1997. Her works are in public collections including the Centre Pompidou, Kiasma Museum for Contemporary Art, Moderna Museet, Saatchi Collection, Arken Museum of Modern Art and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.



OlafurEliasson_PetrusGarden series, 1994

Olafur Eliasson, Petrus' Garden Series, 1994


Contemporary Landscapes

The exhibition Contemporary Landscapes presents art works from the collection relating to landscape as a theme. During the past centuries artists have celebrated and romanticized the national landscape; plunged into the landscape with easel and brush to capture what they saw; or transformed it into pure shape and colour with aesthetic or expressive force.

Contemporary art since the 1960s has seen landscape painting as an old-fashioned genre. Nevertheless, landscape is still used as a motive - it is documented, measured, criticized or distorted.
The works in this exhibition range from the 1960s Land Art, over the 1980's ironic neoexpressionist landscape painting to conceptual photography of the 1990s, and updated landscape painting in quotation marks.


Hornung – Into the Matter

February 9 - May 19 2019

Preben Hornung would be able to celebrate his 100th birthday in 2019. This is marked by this exhibition, which focuses on the 14 very productive years that Hornung spent at the old rectory - Alsted Gl. Præstegård - in Alsted near Sorø. The move from Copenhagen to the province became the beginning of a significant shift in style and gave way for a new development in Hornung’s art. The metropolitan city's strict steel structures and industrial carcasses disappeared and the proximity to nature and awareness of its impermanence gave rise to a more meditative and sensuous painting. During the Sorø years, Hornung invented two fictitious identities. "Albert", which he used when he painted figurative works which the strict, critical Preben would not put his name on. At the same time "Ruth Rasmussen" emerged, a reactionary provincial lady, who abhorred modern art and discussed with Hornung in the local newspapers.





Vilhelm Hammershøi, Hvide døre, Strandgade 30, 1899.

Golden Age and Green Forests.
Ordrupgaard 100 Years

6.10.2018 - 13.01.2019

Sorø Artmuseum hosts an exhibition with selected highlights from the outstanding Danish collection of Ordrupgaard Museum. While Ordrupgaard is closed due to construction work, the museum celebrates it’s 100th  anniversary.by sending it’s collections on a tour.

The exhibition takes off from the Danish Golden Age with masterpieces of Danish old masters such as Eckersberg, Købke, Lundbye and Constantin Hansen, collected by Ordrupgaard’s founder Wilhelm Hansen. However, the core of the exhibition focuses on Hansen’s contemporaries: the Funen painters, and distinguished names like Theodor Philipsen, L. A. Ring, Th. Bindesbøll and not least Vilhelm Hammershøi, who is represented by nine paintings, including the newly acquired White Doors. Strandgade 30.

The exhibition also present some of the first works, Hansen collected by French artists, i.e. Fontainebleau painter Théodore Rousseau, Impressionists Armand Guillaumin and Emile Pissarro.




Holst Henckel

Peter Holst Henckel, Explaining Fragility to a Child, 2008



Summer of 2018

Recent acquisitions in interaction with older works of the museum´s collection of works from 1950's and forward. See for instance for the first time our new works of Gunnar Aagard Andersen, Christian Vind, Sophia Kalkau and Maiken Bent with the older acquaintances of Paul Gernes, Albert Mertz, Per Kirkeby and Poul Gadegaard.



Søren Martinsen

Søren Martinsen, Skolevejen, 2010


2nd June - 2nd Sep. 2018

A total installation which incorporates both video, monumental painting and sculpture. Establishing a contrast between different ages, places and sentiments, these works of art all have a connection to the town of Sorø.



Thomas Hylander

Thomas Hylander, Seamstress, 2016. Shelfie

HISTORIER FRA KØKKENMØDDINGEN / Stories from the Kitchen Midden


2nd June - 2nd Sep. 2018

Opening hours

11 - 16
11 - 18

Monday closed